consistency between a DTD and a TSD

Hello all,

The DTD i’m using is a little longer than 4200 lines (it´s a TEI dtd). With it Tamino’s schema editor generates a TSD that’s 18000 lines. As of today, i haven’t found a way to check properly if the two were “consistent” (a valid document must be recognized as such by both the dtd and the tsd, and of course the same for an invalid one).
I’m at a point where i want to be absolutely sure that the documents that i have imported in a tamino db will continue to be valid to regarded to the original dtd, because those documents will regularly be updated (modify of the header, correct the typos in the body and so on). If i am sure that the tsd is consistent to the dtd, i have no problem and can trust the validation made by tamino when an update is done. If not, i have to find a way to validate the modified document with the original dtd before i update it in the tamino db.

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ps : I’ve read in the Tamino’s documentation that TSD is only a subset of XSD, so we could say that my question may be directly related with the consistence between a DTD and a schema. Does anyone have a clue on this ?

Hi Thomas,

unfortunately I’m not aware of a way of prooving that the generated schema is correct. The original subset of XSD (way back in Tamino 3.1) being supported by TSD had been chosen to cover DTD functionality. The transformer from DTD to XSD/TSD is that old, so should be mature.

By the way, since Tamino 4.4, TSD covers all XSD except xs:redefine and the so-called “chameleon include”.

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