CONNX Virtual Memory - -Xms -Xmx

Where can I find the max amount of virtual memory that the CONNX software is using? I cannot find a config file where I can configure the min/max memory…

We are having an instance where at the time we see a “CONNX out of virtual memory” error in the jdbc server log, task manager shows that we still have 3GB of memory available for use. And pagefile.sys subdirectory has plenty of space as well.

We are using the 32-bit version of cnnxjdbc.

If you are using a 32bit version of the JDBC server - any 32bit application has a maximum addressability of 4GB. Under windows for example, it is substantially less - as 1/2 of that s reserved for the OS, and the remaining 2GB is shared code & data.

It is possible for the JDBC process to run out of virtually memory even though there s stlll plenty of physical memory available. The best solution is to switch to the 64bit JDBC server. However I cautiously recommend that - as there could be other causes for the error which should be reviewed by support - so I would also recommend reporting the exact error message & details to support for further examination.