CONNX JDBC or SQL Gateway - Convert/Substring

With a select statement that looks like this:

select i.case_number as ‘caseNumber’
, r.subject_last_name
, r.subject_first_name
, r.subject_middle_name
, r.subject_suffix
from r_report r, investigation i
,table_col tc1
i.case_number = r.rkey_case_number
and tc1.table_col = 102
and tc1.key_col = i.investigative_unit
and convert
(substring(convert(r.print_hold_date,char(8)),1,4) + ‘-’ +
substring(convert(r.print_hold_date,char(8)),5,2) + ‘-’ +
substring(convert(r.print_hold_date,char(8)),7,2), Date)
between convert(‘2012-06-01’,Date) and
timestampadd( SQL_TSI_DAY, convert( tc1.valu, integer), convert(‘2012-11-01’,Date))
and r.report_sid in (‘9045’,‘9046’,‘Y017’,‘D364’)

Who resolves the convert/substring function on the print_hold_date column? Is this criteria being processed by the CONNX JDBC Server or the SQL Gateway component on the mainframe?

Many thanks.

I think your question is really whether this criteria is used in query optimization.
You can determine this by running the query in Infonaut - and viewing the query plan.

I believe this query is a good candidate for some query optimization - I would recommend you open a support issue and we can assist you with this.