Connectivity Issue between territories

Hi Team,
I have created three territories,let it be like ABC, BCD, CCC.
All this territories have two brokers up and running.Here “CCC” is common territory between ABC and BCD territories and created broker gateways like ABC<–>CCC, BCD<–>CCC.
After creating this gateways,i could see error at connection and getting “Failed to get the Broker information” .
Please find the attachments for more details.
Can any one suggest how to over come from this issue.


Sharing logs would be helpful to investigate the issue.

Additionally some version infos are also helpful.

Are there any firewalls etc. involved?
These might interrupt the connection after a certain time.

When you restart the brokers, does this have any effect?


Is this the initial set up , if not any changes in the administration of brokers. Please share more details to fix this issue.


Hi ,
We have created new instances for existing IS and Brokers suing that we required to create gateways for new broker territories .
Here i have observed that After creating the gateway broker host name got changed from to .
Did we need to append any data to config files ?


If you haven’t tried, can you please try to change the host details to point to correct host, I believe, we no need to append anything explicitly in config files.