connectivity between salesforce and webMethods

Hi Experts,

To connect to the salesforce from webMethods, first we are establishing a session with the salesforce using ‘pub.client:http’ inbuilt service and then calling the ‘rest service operation’ to get the actual data.

Can someone assist me with -

  1. Do I need to explicitly close the http connection, which I have set up before actual call? Or it will be taken care by the property?
  2. In case, If I need to define the explicit timeout for individual ‘rest service operation’ calls, will it be sufficient to set
    ‘maxKeepAliveConnections’ and ‘keepAliveTimeout’ property?
  3. Is there any function to close http/https connection explicitly by building java code in webMethods?

a. webMethods version used is 9.9
b. Since CloudStreams adapters are having issues with the Mediator, we are using pub.client:http service to build the solution.

Thanks in advance…