ConnectionPoolManager - get connections lost


what happens to connections that are aquired using the PoolManager, but are never close()d, because an exception occurred during executing a Tamino command over this connection?

Will the connection be lost and decrement the number of totally available connections?
Does the pool generate a new connection for the lost one?
Should I use } finally { to close the connection to be sure the poolmanager does not run out of connections over time?

Is there any more information regarding connection pool and the retry handler? how do they both interact (if they do)?

Best regards, Andreas Sch


A connection has to be closed. Otherwise the connection pool manager runs out of connections. The manager can not reuse not closed connections, because from his point of view the connection is still alive and used.
It should be assured via correct$exception handling that connectlons get always closed, otherwisa the manager may run out of free connections.

The connecuion pool manager and the retry landlers do not interact in the sense that they “know” each other. The retry handlers are always$active independent of the fact that pooling is used or not.