Connection WM IS 7.1.x to WM Broker 9.5

Hi there,
we are in a process of upgrading webmethods 7.1.x to 9.5. Unfortunately one of our existing ISs is calling an external application. This application requires Windows 2003 and 32-bit environment. It cannot be installed on W2008 64-bit, which is required for IS 9.5 to run. I am thinking on leaving the IS 7.1.x on the W2003 32-bit and building the rest of the environment. The IS 7.1.x would then connect to the WM Broker 9.5.

I have connected the IS 7.1.x to the Broker 9.5 before and I received no error messages so technically it might work (for a while). I could not find any recommendation on which versions of IS connecting to WM Broker 9.5 are supported. I understand that IS 7.1.x is not supported any more, but I am limited on the system requirements of the external application.

I’d appreciate any advise. Thanks in advance.



I suggest to expose a webService on 7.1.X IS that is consumed by 9.X IS.



great idea, I’ll certainly give it a go!