connection with Oracle Fusion middleware Jms Topic

Can anybody suggest any information on how connect to the Oracle Fusion Middleware JMS Topic. I mean I need to publish messages from webMethods to a JMS topic in Oracle Fusion Middleware. Can this be handled similarly as we do in case webMethods is the JMS provider. Which I think is not a way out here, probably we need to import some jar files from Oracle JMS into webMethods IS\lib directory to be in the IS classpath. Please suggest if anyone have any information on this.

Please check with SAG support if Oracle Fusion JMS topic support is included via wM Broker 7.x/8.x or JMS Adapter 6.1? As I don’t think it is supported now apart from JBoss/Sonic/Broker/Weblogic/WebSphere MQ providers

Also some info:
Starting with IS version 712 supports Oracle AQ 10.2 to be used as JMS JNDI provider for Integration Server JMS clients.
Certification of Oracle AQ as JNDI provider was introduced as part of fix IS_7-1-2_PubSub_Fix2 (
Details on configuration are described in the readme for that fix.


Hi AD,
I’ve read the documentation for wM712 and it mentions that the supported JMS Providers are JBoss/Sonic/Broker/Weblogic/WebSphere MQ as mentioned by rmg. For adding the JMS Provider client libraries, you’ll have to copy them to IS_directory\lib\jars directory and IS would automatically add the jar files to its classpath.

I would suggest you to have a look at the JMS Adapter Install Guide to get more details on this.


I agree with wmuser10,try placing related jar files to the IS classpath and restart IS at the end.

you can connect to any JMSprovider from Webmethods IS,just copy the Jar files of the JMS provider in the IS/Lib and create the JMSConnectionAlias alias as you normally do in ISAdministrator,with that that connection alias you can connect.Actually i have created JMSConnection for External JMSProviders like TIBCO and iam iam able to connecct.FROM MWS you cannot configure this