Connection to the HornetQ JMS Provider?

Hello everyone,

Is there a way to connect the Integration Server to the HornetQ JMS Provider ? (

  • HornetQ is not mentioned in the supported JMS provider list in the “Administering webMethods Integration Server 8.0”.
  • The following error is raised by the Integration Server when enabling a HornetQ JMS Connection Alias in the Integration Server :
    “ [ISS.0134.9016] Error creating connection factory:”

Note1 : as described in the webMethods guide, I have copied the HornetQ client .jar files specified in the HornetQ user guide in the IntegrationServer_directory\lib\jars directory and restarted the IS.
Note2 : using a third party JMS client (HermesJMS), I was able to connect to the HornetQ JMS Provider with those HornetQ client .jar files.

Any thoughts ?

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