Connection Pooling in wM - ASAP!!

I am trying to set up the connection pooling for wM so that there are not more than one connection open to a DB when connecting through wM. The problem comes when I am using DB Alias.

I did set up the Minimum connections to 1 and Maximum connection to 1 and the expiriation time to 60000 milliseconds. But wM doesn’t seem to expire the connection once its done using. I have tried different configurations with these variables and wM seem to work in a similar fashion without giving any control over how many connections you can open to a DB.

Any suggestions or feedback on how to control the number of conncetions will be greatly appreciated.


Two things:

  1. By default, the webMethods Integration Server pools DB connections at the session level. So each session has its own pool of DB connections. It sounds like you want to have a global (server-wide) connection pool instead. To configure global connection pooling, add or modify the following parameter in the server.cnf file:

watt.server.db.connectionCache = server

  1. After performing some DB activity, make sure you return the connection to the pool, using the service pub.db:close

It’s important to make sure that pub.db:close is called so the connection is not tied up, so building proper error handling into the flows is important.