Connecting WM601 with Peoplesoft 840

Experts, need some information about people soft adapter to connect with WM6.01. The new Peoplesoft PIA adapter does not supports 8.40 version of PeopleSoft. But supports earlier 8.1x and later 8.41 and 8.43. Even ES adapter 4.6 connects same way. Nop idea why it does not support 8.40. Can any one throw lights on this?.



the reason 8.40 is not supported is that the PeopleSoft implementation of integration broker in 8.40 is heavily broken. 8.41 was the first release of PeopleTools that reliably worked for integration broker.

I suspect that WM just opted to not support it, as most support calls would be PeopleSoft problems!


Try using direct XML messaging, instead of the adapter. PeopleSoft 8 is supposed to have robust webServices layer for XML interactivity.