Connecting wM JDBC 601 Adapter with AS400

Has anyone successfully used the wmJDBC 6 adapter to connect to the AS400. If yes then can you post your connection settings here?

Thanks. Appreciate it.

I have tried and failed. Talked with webMethods and it is not currently supported. Should be available with the JDBC 6.0.2 release.

Probably a late reply. But I have tried to use wM JDBC Adapter with AS400 using IBM’s JTOpen 4.1. As you know JDBC Adapter only supports the data source and not the JDBC Driver itself and thus quite a few things happens when you do that. One, data cannot be written properly and reading it requires you to turn the translate binary = true. The way around that is to use the wmDB. The default webMethods database connector. This allows you to put in the driver. I use this as an alternative and it works for now.