connecting to JMS using webMethods.Msg.dll

Hi, .NET application is trying to connect to JMS topic hosted on wM broker using the webMethods.Msg.dll. The connection is secured.
From wM added the ACL to the client group(we have included webMethods broker DN names and .net DN names) to client group and topic is connected to that client group.
.NET is using the below code to connect but failing with a error: “[BDN.11.1040] connection to brokername@ID:port failed: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: value”

connection = connectionFactory.CreateConnection(CertDNSName,“CN name”);

Can anyone help on this , do .NET need to send any additional parameter which making a connection? Or am I missing anything in the setting the JMS.

P.s: The same they were able to connect to us without SSL.

Can you check if you are using the correct API call.
Try passing just the client distinguished name.

CreateConnection(String clientCertDistiguishedName)

You will also have to include the SSL certificate into Windows Certificate Manager for the host or user.

You can refer to help guide in /Broker/doc/MSDN.

Thanks Sandeep, yes we are sending DN name/friendly name and SSL certificate is placed in windows certificate manager/trust store.

If CreateConnection(String clientCertDistiguishedName) doesn’t work for you, report a support incident.