Connecting Integration Server with CentraSite Active SOA

I’m currently working on CentraSite Active SOA Implementation for SOA Governance,

We are unable to succeed in connecting the IS with CentraSite Active SOA.

From the IS Admin page - Settings > Metadata Link

CentraSite Configuration
IS Identifier -
Library -
User Name - CSAdmin

The test to the connection is failed ? Any one throw some light into it, cos no errors in any logs etc. Am I missing something here.

CentraSite is up and running, but could use the above mentioned URL in browser to connect it neither.

Note: Able to connect to CentraSite GUI and SMH GUI using port 53307

  • Sathish
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please check if the registry/repository is up and running. Are you able to successfully login to CentraSite?