Connecting Integration Server behind proxy with Azure SB via JNDI

Dear All,

I am working to set up integration between webMethods IS 10.3 and Azure Service Bus via JNDI. I found the below article helpful and manage to set up the connection successfully from my local instance using the internet.

However, I am facing Connection Timed out when trying to connect from Integration Server which is behind the proxy.

  • I couldn’t find an option to configure proxy details in the connection factory’s connection string.
  • I have configured the socks proxy (SOCKS v5) under Settings > Proxy Servers.
  • Proxy is configured to allow the connection from the source to destination.
  • Checked together with network team and couldn’t find any attempts from source servers on the socks proxy logs.

Please advise if I am missing something.

Exception - [ISS.0134.9064] Error creating connection: javax.jms.JMSException: connection timed out: [Linked Exception] org.apache.qpid.jms.provider.exceptions.ProviderIOException: connection timed out:

Thanks in advance.