connecting front end and back end using tamino

hi friends
i have created a database using tamino and front end using jsp + html.
i am having problems in connecting the front end and back end
can anyone tell me step by step procedure with code if possible for connecting the two


If you want to do everything using JSP only , then you can write server side script to instantiate Tamino and use Java APIs to do the further processing(running query etc).
But this would make your JSP very heavy and un-manageable.
The best way to implement this is the J2EE framework sugggested by the sun.It follows the MVC design pattern and has prooved very efficient and fast.
Have a single servlet to receive all the GET and POST by JSPs.make every request a unique event type and based on this event type call different java classes which should correspond to each event type uniquely.
If above explaination is confusing you then follow the steps.
(1)Code JSPs and make command buttons/hyperlink etc for every action you want.
(2)Clicking this command button/hlink execute java script and submit the form POSTing to the servlet ,say controlServlet.while submitting JSP pass a indicator (say eventtype) which should be unique for each control i.e. save, search etc.
(3)At controlServlet check this eventtype and based on that call differnt java function.
(4)In java function write code to connect Tamino and execute query or the step ,which u want to in Tamino.
(5) pass the value back to controlServlet from this java function.
(6)Now call the relevant JSP based on the eventtype…u can use either RequestDispatcher or sendredirect.
(6)While calling JSP pass the value to JSP or put the value in session (depends on your design)and access this value from JSP and populate the JSP.

Hope this helps.
good luck.