Connecting BAAN using webMethods 10.3?

Can you please help with connecting BAAN ERP system using webMethods 10.3 ?
In one of the posts I found :
webMethods doesn’t not support “webMethods Baan Adapter” after year 2003 and they do not provide integration with Baan due to low demand.
Also if you could suggest any out of box integration solution for BAAN using webMethods 10.3 ( by means of DB / webService implementation ) it would greatly help.

Thanks in advance !

Hi Daniela,

when DB or WebService Integration is possible with Infor BAAN, you can use JDBC Adapter 10.x or built-in WebService services to do so.

Hopefully the database being used for BAAN provides a JDBC Type 4 Driver as a Jar-File.
Then you can place this jar file under IntegrationServer/instances/default/WmJDBCAdapter/code/jars directory and reload the WmJDBCAdapter package to activate the driver.
See JDBC_Adapter_Users_Guide for further informations.

When using WebServices define the WSDL for invoking services on BAAN ApplicationServer and load it as a consumer WSD.
When BAAN invokes services at IntegrationServer side, load the WSDL as a provider WSD.
See WebServices_Developers_Guide for further informations.


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Thank you Holger !