Connect to Mapr-db


is it possible for webmethods connect to mapr-db?
if possible, how to connect to it and get data from mapr-db?


Hi Deka,

can you provide some more details about your issue?
I have never heard about mapr-db.

You might want to check if there is a JDBC-Type-4-Driver (hopefully with DataSouce class) for mapr-db.
If such a driver exists you might be able to connect to mapr-db via JDBC Adapter (requires DataSource class) or WmDB package.


thanks @Holger_von_Thomsen for your reply,

all i know is i need to connect to mapr-db and get data from it. my friend told me about bigdata that we will integrate, he said they use mapr-db. maybe i will ask what they use once again.

once again thanks for your reply.


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