Connect ADABAS Manager v8.6 ADABAS REST v 7.0

[db] [ADA_REST_ERR] db-unpc is not responding User: sag 0 Unknown Error

Hi Alex,

please provide a more detailed description of your issue incl. log snippets if available.

Even when I am not familiar with Adabas/Natural, this might be helpful informations for other who are working with Adabas/Natural.



the standard log location is in the SAG installation/AdabasRestAdministration/logs directory. The wrapper.log contains RestServer service output and the server.log file contains detailed trace information. The log level of server.log can be changed in log4j2.xml files.
On Docker container the log location is at /data/logs.
Please provide more logs to be able to send you more feedback and help.


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