Confirm if doing HTTP post correctly

I have searched the forum, but not finding confirmation that I’m looking for and am still unsure about something.

I was told by customer that I will need to call their system with the following request, in order to retrieve a big batch of order confirmations (below is what is mentioned in their documentation):

It seems that pub.client:http will need to be utilized, but I am very confused as to where to do the parameters (upc, color, size, username, password)

Parts I’m confused about.

The above looks like a “get” request, whereas the customer’s documentation mentions “post”. Thought I learned that post requests do not have parameters in the url.

Believe I read in the forum somewhere that it is fine to do https with pub.client:http. There’s no certificates involved here.

I would have thought that the username and password would be placed in the auth area of pub.client:http, but not sure that’s the case because above link says “userName”, but the field under auth in http service says just “user”

Based on research, it seems that I would need to either assign the parameters to the url portion of pub.client:http whereas the key would be mentioned, but the value would be a variable (ex. color=%color%)…or…every parameter will need to be assigned to data/string in pub.client:http, but the data/string field is a single, not a list. Again, I’m confused.

Can someone help me out here? Can you tell me how the pub.client:http should be setup for this scenario. I am not able to test any of my thoughts at the moment, due to issue at customer’s site, so I’m trying to move forward with creating the EAI code and can actually test at a later date.


Hi Joe,

please have a look at the IntegrationServer Built-In-Services Guide.

It is possible to to use pub.client:http to call an https-url. Just make sure that you have the neccessary CA certificates either in JVM cacerts file or in your local Truststore config (see IS Admin UI under Security for Keystore and Certificates).


Thanks for the reply. I read it, but I am still a little confused.

It seems based on the documentation that the key to everything is mapping the url parameters to data/args. From what I see, the documentation doesn’t really talk about variable use in data/args.

Am I thinking correctly that I would need to create a document containing all the url parameters/field names, populate the document fields with values in the EAI mapping, then map that IS document to data/args and that should take care of everything?

I’m guessing that I wouldn’t have to go through all that if all the parameters could be hardcoded, but since they cannot, is the above the correct method? As mentioned in previous email, due to customer having issues, I’m unable to test this at the moment, so that’s why I’m looking for advice.


Nevermind the above response by me.

I see that Designer allows me to actually create string fields under data/args of pub.client:http. I would just map any variables in my EAI code to those created string fields under data/args document.

Thanks for the assistance.