Configuring the designer to write dot net services

I want to write the dot Net services from the designer for some of the functionality (instead of writing java services).

Can someone walk me through to help me to configure Designer to configure to use dot Net Framework and allow me to write dot net Services to be used from webmethods.

Any help is greatly appreciated… Thanks

Hi Sam,
Here is the link for documentation you can refer for .net configuration.Let me know if you want any further information.

Muralidhar reddy

Murali, Thanks for posting the link on using dot net from Webmethods.

But can you please let me know where we can download the reuired Ad-ons?

Hi sam,
please refer page number 21 and 22 for installation of ad-ons and packages in the same document .

please use empower to download the login to empower you much have account .

Muralidhar reddy