configuring storage session for Enterprise Server

I am trying to increase the size of the storage file and keep getting the following error

K:\Program Files\webMethods\EnterpriseServer5\bin>server_config storage “K:\Prog
ram Files\webmethods\EnterpriseServer5\data\awbroker50\default” -qs_storage_file
“K:\Program Files\webmethods\EnterpriseServer5\data\awbroker50\default\MoreStor
age.qs.stor” 1024M 128M
Error: Specified data directory “K:\Program Files\webmethods\EnterpriseServer5\d
ata\awbroker50\default” not accessible: No such file or directory
Error: The Enterprise server configuration file “K:\Program Files\webmethods\Ent
erpriseServer5\data\awbroker50\default\awbroker.cfg” is not accessible: No such
file or directory
Error: Cannot open QS configuration file “K:\Program Files\webmethods\Enterprise
Server5\data\awbroker50\default\Broker.qs”: FILE(QS-1) syserrorcode:3 syserrorms
g:The system cannot find the path specified.

Any help would be appreciated