Configuring Search Result Tree


I need to use the Search Result Tree instead of the default Search Result Table to display the task results. The idea is to group the tasks by Priority (#{activePageBean.taskDisplayProvider.priorityDisplayName}) using a tree

I cannot find how to configure the control to do this. I tryied adding a Tree Toggle column but couldn’t make it work.


Have you looked at wm_corecontrolstest application for tree table example? Default TaskSearchContentProvider which returns list of tasks needs to be repackaged into a which then used as input for a tree table.

As an alternative and possibly easier way would be to use Categorized Table control instead if Tree Table is all you need is some categorization of tasks, but without collapse/expand features of the tree. Then you can use TaskSearchProviders directly for this control. Again, please look at the wm_corecontrolstest for example for categorized table.