Configuring SAP IDOCFor GLMAST Message Type in IS

Hi all,

Good evening and i am new to the SAP IDOC and webMethods Configuration.

Before explaining my problem , let me brief on my requirement.

Actually i need all the GL Account (SAP Message type is : GLMAST) created in SAP , to be downloaded in an my SQL server 2000.

We are having WM IS 4.6 , also i installed TN Server as well in the location of IS (But i don’t know what TN Server does exactly , but in the WM Documents i read like it is used for “Processing for Docuements”)

Can anyone brief me , how to proceed with this , step by step . I used an SAPAdapterUserGuide.pdf , But i struck in Creation of the Distribution model , i don’t what to give in Sender and Receiver ,

Can anyone give some good suggestion so that i can learn atleast 10% of this .

Yes…going to watch this forum for whole night.

James Ramesh