configuring pub.client:http

I have seen on multiple posts in this forum that pub.client:http is the way to call rest service by providing url, authorization and content type.

My problem is I do not see any of the properties like the url, method, authorization. etc.

Please let me know what am I missing. I have seen the Integration built in services guide and on this forum, and it seems straight forward but I am not seeing the place where I can enter the information.


For REST implementation you must create a REST Resource like (GET, POST, PUT and DELETE) and make use of the input fields of the service ($resourceID, $path).

For more details refer the webMethods REST developers guide.

Viswanath – Share your business need, your required implementation method so that we can better guide you.


The business need is to retrieve data exposed by a REST service in JSON format on a periodic basis and load the Oracle database. This database is then used for reporting needs.

  1. The idea is the service provider will provide a list of ids that are available
  2. Loop over and retrieve the data exposed in REST call in JSON format.
  3. Store the raw JSON as is for reference purposes (Oracle 12c supports this. I have checked with Java/JDBC)
  4. Deconstruct the JSON data and populate the Oracle tables
  5. After successful insert, send an acknowledgement message to the service provider

Repeat this process on a periodic basis. This is what I need to accomplish. I have done the first 4 parts in Java but need to prove that webMethods can handle this as POC in the next 7-8 days. Looking for help as I just started working with webMethods as of yesterday :slight_smile:


Viswanath – In this case you are calling the REST service which is created by others, once after calling that you will get response in JSON in your webMethods service. Convert this to xml document, loop over it, call insert adapter service which takes care of writing data into DB tables. Once after this operation successful completion, you can send Ack to sender.

Please let me know if you have any more questions on this.


Viswanath – Please go through below article, which will be useful to you.

Please reply if you stuck in b/w. Happy learning.


Thanks MR for your valuable pointers.

Nops, I am happy to help my friend :slight_smile: