Configuring JDBC Adaptor for SQL SERVER 2000

i have downloaded and installed JDBC Driver for SQL Server 2000, Copied all the 3 jar files to IS Directory and boosted the IS again and found the path in About page of Integration Server.

The Error what i encountered is:

Error encountered
[ART.118.5042] Adapter Runtime (Connection): Unable to enable connection resource BasicSQLAdaptorConnection.Connection:SQLServerConn.
[ART.118.5036] Adapter Runtime (Connection): Unable to configure connection manager.
[ADA.1.204] Cannot connect to the database with DataSource class “”.
[Microsoft][SQLServer 2000 Driver for JDBC]Error establishing socket.

The Adaptor setting which i did is :

Connection Type JDBC Adapter Connection

Package Name: BasicSqlAdaptorConnection

Connection Properties

Transaction Type: XA_TRANSACTION
DataSource Class:
serverName: rsiddiqui
user: Amer
password: ******
databaseName: Rizwan
portNumber: 1433
Other Properties: SelectMethod=cursor

Connection Management Properties

Enable Connection Pooling true
Minimum Pool Size 1
Maximum Pool Size 10
Pool Increment Size 1
Block Timeout (msec) 1000
Expire Timeout (msec) 1000
Startup Retry Count 0
Startup Backoff Timeout (sec) 10

Can enyone say me where i m wrong ???

Thanks in advance.


Microsoft jar files are missing that could be causing the error. Place them in <is_home>\lib\jars and restart the server. Also check your firewall settings the connection can’t seem to find the database.


Hi Leon,
Thanks for your quick response, i already mention in my first posting. I already copied msbase, mssqlserver, msutil jar files into the jars of lib directory under integration server home .
i even checked the firewall too.

but still the same problem exists

All inputs will be appriciated…


Have you tired setting in your extended settings?


Hi leon

Yeah i modified the Extended settings and tried with your settings.
But unfortunately its not working, I need to solve this very soon. Plz

Thanks in advance

I’m assuming you have copied the right jar files in the right folder also set driver jars in the server classpath. Also make sure your database is up and running. Please search through the post i’m sure you will get a lot of hits on this situation.

Good Luck,

I meant FORUM – sorry typo !

Hello Leon
I have already searched the forums , but to my luck none had worked.

Can any body help me configuring the JDBC Adaptor for SQL Server 2000. May be i m missing some Service packs ,Plz can you mention what service pack’s are require.
All Inputs will be appriciated.

this may be worth checking… on the SQL Server instance, confirm the network properties… the default port of the tcp/ip should be 1433…

also confirm the server classpath on the webM About screen… it should include these 3 jars…
Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Driver for JDBC\lib\msbase.jar
Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Driver for JDBC\lib\mssqlserver.jar
Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Driver for JDBC\lib\msutil.jar

let us know what version you are running for webM, SQL Server, SQL Server OS, JDBC Adapter…
also copy-paste the IS classpath…


Hello Mr. Saurabh
Thanks for reply. but i cant see the said path in the about screen, but i can see the jar files path in the <is-home>\Lib\jar directory.

and for ur information, i m using windows Xp 2004 , AND Sql Server 2000 wITH SP4 installed. and i have WEBMETHOD 6.0.1 INSTALLED.

Any help will be appriciated.

did you confirm this?.. on the SQL Server instance, confirm the network properties… the default port of the tcp/ip should be 1433…

also, copy-paste the IS classpath…


Thanks, a lot, i did solved this problem.
The main things to configure the Adaptor for this SQL SERVER 2000 Is
database should be updated with SP4 and Second most thing is to copy all the jar files like msbase.jar, msutil.jar and mssqlserver.jar file from Microsoft sql server 2000\Lib directory to <is-dev>\Lib\jars directory.and database access user should be have SQL SERVER AUTHENTICATION. and should login to database using sql server authentication not windows authentication.
This is what i did it to my adaptor to get started. nothing more.
Thanks for every help from all Experts.