Configuring IS with different IP address

Hi Team,

We have request from business stating that they need multiple instance of webMethods in one server.
Say if i have 3 instances of webMethods IS How will the IP will be determined. i Know we can change the port for differnet instances and default IS will take the local machines IP for inbound calls.But is it possible to change the IP address for IS servers located in the same machine ?

Kindly advise me in the above issue.

Ragav J

When you create a port, it allows you to specify the “bind address”, you can give the one you want to use. Given you have multiple IPs on your box already.
Check the IS admin guide for detail

I’m still trying to learn the difference between a closed and open IP address.
Maybe Google?

Hi tongwang,

thanks for your reply and it works as per your advice :slight_smile:

I have another doubt here.

We have installed webMethods 7.1.2 in E:\ drive with port 5555 in our server as a service.

Another team has installed same version in D:\ as service.(but port configuration was not done by that team).

Hence as per the above i expected two windows service should be in Service list.

But only one service was there pointing to D:\ and our service of E:\ was not there…!

when we tried to start our service thru command prompt we were not able to .
(i guess it might be bcoz both trying to use 5555).

Why is the above happened ? why did our Windows service vanished ?

Expecting your replies :slight_smile:

Ragav J

Never tried that way. I guess, even you can have multiple IP on the same box, but you can use the same port once. So, you need to change the port for the 2nd instance.
For windows service, you can modify the /integrationServer/support/win32/installSvc.bat file to identify the 2nd instance with a different name, 4 lines to change:
after made change run it, you should see another entry in the service list

During installation, by default the option is Application… There might be a chance, it got installed as Application…

Are you able to open the IS Admin page with 5555 port? You cannot run both the server at the same time in same port…

Start one instance, change the Primary port to a different port other than 5555, then you should be good to go with both IS at same time… Better change the diagnostic port also as 9999 is the default…


Hi guys,

thanks for your posts…!

Will try and let you know…

Ragav J

Thanks tongwang and Senthil … It is working.

But again business changed their request :(…

we have our code part in our IS server. But now they are planning to
move the code packages of another application to our IS which includes a MainFrameIS server also.

Say if they are copying around 10 pakcages to our IS can we run this ten pakcages alone in a different port ?

ie Already existing code should run in IP:5555 and the new packages should run in IP:9999

Also please let me know whether the installation of MIS in will affect the current IS settings by any means…?

Ragav J

Remember, 9999 is diagnostic port by default…
You can have one more http port say 6666 added to the same IS…

If you have both 5555 and 6666 configured as http port, all packages can run in both the ports… Packages cannot be individually assigned for different port numbers to run with…


Thanks Senthil…

Trhanks for a your inputs …

Ragav J

Hi All,

Can some please help me getting the documentation for Gear…

I did tried the site but i am not able to view that site…

Please guide…

Ragav J

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