Configuring HermesJMS to Broker 6-5 or 7.1.2

Hermes v1.14 shows a “webMethods Enterprise” plug-in.
I have pointed the Classpath Groups, e.g. webMethods to a few UNIX webMethods broker jars like wm-brokerclient.jar, etc. So the Loader: webMethods shows my Connection Factory classes and many properties. I have guessed and tried different properties/values with com.webMethods.jms.impl.WmConnectionFactoryImpl.
My target Broker of interest is v7.1 Fix 7 which is also used by Optimize for Infrastructure.
I will continue to search Hermes forums for any successful wM Broker configurations. More wM JMS pdf’s reading is still on my to-do list.

The webMethods Enterprise plugin was written against the v 6.1 JMS libraries. You can still use it with the current ones but some things will not work (e.g. delete things from a queue).

Can you be more specific about your issue/question?

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Adding to that, v 1.14 of Hermes is indeed the one to go for. It seems that 1.13 doesn’t work too well with wM Broker (at least for the introspection that lists connection factories).