Configured operations do not get processed in oracle 411 ent adapter


Has anybody faced a problem in oracle adapter where in

a query with “where” clause with “and” statement and two variables is not processed. The OCI library that adapter uses just hangs out and it does not perform query.

We are facing this problem with oracle 4.11 enterprise intelligent adapter on Solaris platform with oracle 8.1.6 database.

Could it be a problem of database setting? We are unable to trace out where the problem is. All other queries run, except for where clause with and and two variables.

Thansk for any kind of suggestions in advance


Did you applied the latest patches for platform and updated your ADK to the latest version ?

We have some integrations that act like this also. We have not tracked it down as you have. But talking with webMethods they did tell me that they think it is a bug with the OCI layer and are sopusodly working with Orcale on it.

The best thing to do is open a service request with webMethods and then push it past tier one until you get to some one that is aware of this problem and get the correct information on it.

Then post an update for this thread. Thanks