Configure JDBC Adapter V421 to connect to DB2 V71 on AIX

We are trying to use the JDBC adpter to connect to DB2 V7.1 on the AIX. The Enterprise Integrator is v4.1.1 and the JDBC adapter is V4.2.1. We are not able to configure it to connect to the database. The error that we getting is “(314) Could not connect to database “jdbc:db2:txn” as user “db2inst1” (08001/0) No suitable driver”. What did we do wrong?
JDBC tab:
JDBC Driver :
System NAme or IP Address: our AIX box ip address
Database User: db2inst1
Database Password :
Connection String (URL) : jdbc:db2:txn
Db2 Instance name with DB2 Connect:
JAVA tab:
Add to CLASSPATH: /usr/lpp/db2_07_01/java12/


did you have the right db2 profile for the user that enables the jdbc adapter? because db2 uses type 2 jdbc driver, you will need to set up the profile for the user in .profile as well in addition to just adding to the classpath.

Yes we updated the .profile to include the user that enables the jdbc adapter.