Configure Aggregated Display Interval

Is there any way to configure the Aggregated Display Interval in KPI Chart display page? It is by default 1 hour, but the client wants to have it a configurable item as otherwise it doesn’t make much of a business sense.


A client of mine wanted me to count the number of process completed in
an hour- to check for non events. One way is to create a new KPI. Since you can define the interval on doing so, it’s locked for the default ones.


MWS - Administration - Analytics - KPI’s

Instance Count by Process is one minute by default.

You can create a new KPI with
1-5-10-15-30-60-120-180-240-480 minutes

Then call the KPI Instance Count by Process xxx minute

Then you add the KPI to the process under
MWS - Administration - Business - Business Overview

I understand this is for processes, but I suspect the approach is similar if you are after changing the intervall for System Data. Haven’t tried this myself yet.

Hope this helps !

[Edit] Think I missunderstood your question entirely. On the other hand I beleive the reporting component allows you more control of the graphs. It’s based on Cognos.

Thor I.

Thanks for the reply Thor. But the display component is a flash object and it changes the display aggregation interval automatically to 1 min, 1 hour, 4 hour etc if we change the time interval, but it doesnt give you the freedom to set it yourself. This is the feature the client is looking for whereby they can set the time interval as well as the display aggregation interval.

Since this is happening at the frontend I am not sure how Cognos settings can affect this display behaviour.

wM team any suggestions?

Perhaps create a brainstorm topic for this?