Conenction problem with resource adapter

We are trying to use resource adapter on Wildfly 11 and we getting following error on the UM server.

[Fri Dec 14 11:22:00 CET 2018] [Client Setup:0] [com.pcbsys.nirvana.server] - Unsupported factory version requested, Currently supported messaging versions are from 6 to 11, Client requested 14, closing connection
[Fri Dec 14 11:22:00 CET 2018] [Client Setup:0] [com.pcbsys.nirvana.server] - UserManager: User xxx@xxx being closed without clean up due to unexpected throwable being raised : Unsupported messaging version requested
[Fri Dec 14 11:22:00 CET 2018] [Client Setup:0] [com.pcbsys.nirvana.server] - Unsupported messaging version requested

We’ve tested three different version of umra.rar and message is always the same.

Please help.

Hi Radoslaw,
Please see the system requirements documentation here: Then page down to the Supported Application Servers - Wildfly is not a currently supported App Server. If this is a requirement then please open a Brainstorm ticket so we can add it to our backlog.

Thanks, Jane.

Hello Radoslaw,

This error message suggests that you are using 10.2 resource adapter against a 9.12 server.
The UM server is backward compatible so a newer version of the server is able to recognize older clients. Newer clients however are not supported on older server.

Furthermore, as mentioned already, we are not testing the resource adapter on Wildfly 11, and we are not explicitly aiming to support it.