conditiona expressions in mapping

Hi All,

In Pipeline In I have a documentlist(num1) in which i have another document list (num2). The elements in Documentlist num2 are num3 and num4 . In Pipeline Out i have a document list num4 and in num4 document list i have elements num5, num6 and num7.

I have mapped num2 with num5 and num3 with num6. Now the problem arises here…
now i need to check if num5>num6 then num7 should be equal to 1
Else num7=0.
could you please let me knw hw to approach for this problem.


You said num 2 is a document. What kind of elements are num 3, num 4, num 5 , num 6 and num 7.
num 2 is a documentlist and you mapped it to num 5. What do you want to compare? Do you want to compare the size of the documentlists? If you want to know the size of the documentlists use pub.list:sizeOfList service.