Comsume Web Service using Business Connector


Just new here. I am trying to simulate posting xml string to an external web service. I do not know how to proceed.

I would like to send “country” parameter as XML string via HTTP POST and output the XML response.

This is the web service: [URL][/URL]

I do not know what to enter in the pub.client:http service.

Thank you in advance,


Hi Tony,
Are you trying to create a Web Service Consumer? You would need a WSDL or its URL using which create a Web Service Descriptor - Consumer and then pass the required input while calling the same.


Hi Senthill,

Thank you for your response.

Basically this is what we are trying to achieve. Once we knew how to do this, we can use the same approach in consuming other web services as well.

Please see how this external web service works. To invoke this service, you can try supplying a value to the parameter “Country”. You can click the button “Invoke” to get the results as XML response.

[URL=“”][FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][/size][/font][/URL]

Now, we wanted to do that in SAP and use Business Connector as HTTP_CLIENT to post the “Country” and invoke the service. Then receives XML response and transfer back to SAP and then output to user.

To explain further:

  • We have an ABAP program that will prompt user for the country. User input the country parameter.
  • We have a choice whether SAP will generate the XML message or BC (Business Connector) will do the job for us. Either way the XML message is sent via HTTP POST and invokes the web service. BC will then receive the result as XML response.
  • Then, we have a choice whether BC will do the transformation or just directly forward the response to SAP and SAP will do the transformation using XSLT program. Either way the response is directed from BC to SAP. Results are outputted to the user.

In short, BC will be just a middle kept from the user. All input and output are done from SAP. BC will just need to get the data (XML or raw), send the data via HTTP POST, invoke the external web service and receives the response, throw the data (XML or converted) back to SAP.

We chose BC as we do not want to expose our SAP from outbound connection.

I hope this explains it further. Just want to know has anyone has done the same setup. I am just newcomer and want to use Business Connector.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions or ideas.