ComsapmwjcoJCO%24Exception 103 RFC_ERROR_LOGON_FAILURE


We are using SAP 4.6c with webMethods 4.6 and the 4.6 SAP adapter. We are able to send orders into SAP with out problem and receive order response into webMethods OK normally. However, it seems like the CPIC SAP user we are using to log into SAP gets periodically locked out and received the error in the webMethods error log below.

We know that we can rerun the jobs using SM58, but we are trying to figure out why this user keeps locking out.

Has anyone seen this problem before???$Exception: (103) RFC_ERROR_LOGON_FAILURE: User is locked. Please notify the person responsible at$Client.nativeConnect(Native Method)at$Client.connect(

Thanks in advance!!!

Check with ur Basis team to figure out why it was locked in the first place… That might shed some light… Sounds like a resource allocation issue…