Composite Template


We are writting our own composite template for creating and configuring webMethods components 10.3.
We can found in documentation that lots of configuration types can be used in the template definition (COMMON-KEYSTORES, COMMON-PORTS, COMMON-LOGGERS, etc…), but, we don’t find how to use them.

Could you please tell us where we can find this?


You may refer to:

and section 9 of

Also there are couple sample templates there with the installation, should be a good place to start with. Btw, there are also KB available in Empower.

Thank you.
We have already read these docs.
But we don’t find how to use configurations types and what are autorized parameters.
For example, what are autorized parameters for using COMMON-KEYSTORES or COMMON-LOGGERS?


Hi Sylvain,

I suggest you raise a service request to SAG global support. As far as I recalled back when my tenure as GS, our experts have sample of these and you may also ask them what are the valid options.

OK, thanks Mike for the suggestion.
Too bad this is not part of a documentary :frowning: