Composite fields in FlatFile schema

In our project we use GIS as the translator which we are trying to migrate to Webmethods. We are facing a couple of problems in that,

Consider the FF structure like,


| - field and subfield delimiter.

Where FIRST and THIRD are Fields and SECOND is a composite element and COMP_1 and COMP_2 are subfields under SECOND.

1.In the flat file format used in our case the composite elements are defined like,


'–> field delimiter
: --> Subfield delimiter

where as all the subfields are considered as data.

In case of webmethods when i tried to do the same the first subfield is not considered as data(SECOND). Instead the data it assumes starting from subfield number 2(COMP_1). Can any one suggest me a way to come out of this.

  1. In some of the cases in a flatfile a delimiter was used both as a field delimiter and a subfiled delimiter. This was a acceptable scenario in GIS, but in WM I when i tried this i saw that the composite element was not taken for data at all,

i,e in this FF the output was for the FIRST field and the COMP_1 only. The SECOND Field was not considered as a composite at all.

Please help.

Hi All,
I some how resolved the first problem in the fields getting populated.

Can any one give a way to resolve the second issue.