Components of the database in a tablespace defined


My question is the next.

I’m trying install the components of the database of webMethods 7.1.2 and I have already created a user of DB and a tablespace defined to the components.

When I run the installation tool components of the database, I want install the component in a tablespace defined by the DBA’s
Who can I do that?
Or should I use the scripts and run it directly in the database?

I await your comments.

Thank you


I find this information about my problem, I hope this information will be useful. :eek:

If you want to use a different storage convention during database component creation, modify the values listed above in the database component SQL scripts.

The scripts are located in the webMethods_directory\ common\db\scripts directory.

You can modify webMethods storage convention by directly modifying the scripts.

Commercial and public domain utilities provide search and replace functionality across subdirectories.

The webMethods product suite supports all tablespace configurations deployed by customers.