component & Product in db Configurator

In running DB configurator I am getting options like

My webMethods Server-Product

Trading Network-Product

Is there any difference between product/component.And which one is supposed to run to configure mws and TN.


I would suggest to run TradingNetworks Database Component and My webMethods Server Component. Let me know if you face issues.

Thanks Mahesh for your reply.

I have run mws & TN Product in db configurator.

I will let you know if face some issue.
Is there any definition available for this component/script.


Yes it is provided in the installation guide. I hope you have access to SAG documentation.


if available, it is recommended to use the PRODUCT before considering COMPONENT, as a PRODUCT can consist of several components, which belong together, or are regularly used together to make certain functions working the right way.

Per example, the PRODUCT TradingNetworks consists of the components TradingNetworks and TradingNetworksArchive. Without the TN-Archive-component you will not be able to archive or delete your TN-data when it is no longer needed, except by recreating the schema.

Before creating new schema, it is recommended to upgrade the DB-Configurator and its scripts to the latest fixes by using the UpdateManager.