Complex scheduling

Hi Guys,
I have a requirement to schedule an invocation of service on every first and third sunday of every month. With the selection criteria given on WebMethods IS Admin, I am not able to schedule my job for this particular requirement.

Do any of you know alternative approach how to implement this requirement ?

I am quite sure some of you might have experienced it and hope you have the solution.


Choose complex repeating.
Do not fill in the start or end date if just want it to run immediately (by the first available matching date in Mask) and continue on forever.
in the Run Mask choose: (leaving blank choose all of them)
-Months (leave blank)
-Days (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,15,16,17,18,19,20,21)
-Weekly (Sunday)
-Hours (choose those hours for it to begin)
-Minutes (choose those minutes for it to begin)

The Mask cross the criteria, so it will run only on Sunday if it is within the first week (1->7) or third week (15->21). Please choose your Hours and Minutes so that this is not running constantly (It will run every hour on the hour and every minute on the minute).

Example: This month (Nov) Sunday is on the 7th. So this service will check for it being 7th and Sunday and run. But following week, the day is 14th and Sunday so it will not run.

Have a good day.


Thanks for your answer. I did configure it. But still I have some questions.

What is the difference between ‘Days’ and ‘Days of Week’ ?
Is the selection of ‘Days’ and ‘Days of Week’ will result in ‘AND’ or ‘OR’ join for the final selection criteria ?


They make an AND. All those fields make one big AND horizontal and one big OR vertical.

Example: (January) AND (10 OR 12) AND (Monday OR Tuesday) AND (8 OR 9) AND (33 OR 45)
So it will only execute in January, only on the 10th or 12th, only if those days are a Monday or Tuesday, and only if it is 8:33 or 8:45 or 9:33 or 9:45.


Excellent !! Thanks for explanation. I tested it and its working exactly how you explained just now.

A big thanks again.