completed models remain in started state

Hi All,

we have split the main wokflow into separate models and each model consists of steps.

The processing of the request starts, after som data are inserted into DB. Then are distributed to target systems and the result is written back to DB.

The problem that we are facing is, that if we insert an test amount of data (e.g. 10 0000 records) into DB, the behavior of WM is a little bit strange ;o)

Some models with all COMPLETED steps remain still in STARTED state and not in COMPLETED state!

Each step that participates in the model flow calls the service ‘pub.prt.admin:changeProcessStatus’ and set it to ‘DONE’ to force the step to be in COMPLETED state.

Do you have any ideas how to solve this problem??? Have you got any recommendations, tips???

Many thanks for your answers!



do you have any news about it?
It looks like I have the same problem…


Hi Sylvain,

hmm, I’m afraid of that I can’t remember all changes that I have done to solve this problem.

But certainly I have applied all possible fixes related to this issue and also I changed some monitoring settings, I have increassed connection pool to wm op database,…

Try to check this issue on advantage site, there is also a lot of topics related to this problem + all the fixes are mentioned there that must be applied.


thanks for your answer.
It looks like these following fixes will correct the bug :

1-S26KF (IS_6-1_FP2_Fix1)
When running many processes concurrently, events can get stuck in the Broker queue.
This is corrected by performing the appropriate step lock before changing the step status to “Done”.
This issue is now resolved.

1-RZE5U (IS_6-1_FP2_Fix1)
Process status not changed immediately when using pub.prt.admin.changeProcessStatus.
When the pub.prt.admin.changeProcessStatus service is invoked to change the process status, the status is not changed immediately.
This issue is now resolved.

These fixes are inclued in the SP2 (for IS6.1), that we are planning to apply in a few days. So everything will be ok after (i hope)! :slight_smile: