Compiled class files location for jsp pages in MWS server

hi All,

We deployed a web application into MWS server. This web application has jsp pages in it. When we try to access the jsp pages for the first time, it is trying to compile and create it’s *, *jsp.class files in [i]MWS/server/default/temp/Jetty_0_0.WebAppPackageName.[/i]
However, because of the memory allocation for MWS server in one of our test environments (which has the same configuration as Prod), it is failing to compile the jsp pages during it’s initial load.

Hence we manually copied the compiled *, *_jsp.class files to the above temp location. After this, we are able to access the jsp pages.

However, these compiled *, *_jsp.class files are getting deleted automatically during MWS server restart. Is it an expected behavior? If yes, is there anyway for me to automatically copy these files to the temp location during every restart.

Kind regards,
Raja sekhar Kintali

Something that we’ve done in the past that you might investigate, is to see about precompiling your jsp pages when packing your war file. I think there might be a jspc (jsp compiler) apache ant task that you could use. I won’t be able to provide instructions though about how to use that.