Compile listing for Natural Code

Hi All,

Can any let me know, whether we can see the compile listing of a Natural Code?

I tried but could not get this as I can see the assembler listing for a PLI or COBOL program.


Four commands will invoke the compiler - refer to the documentation for Check, Catalog, Catall, and Stow commands. Whether the command performs a syntax check or attempts to generate a compiled object, the only compiler listing you will see is a one line error message if the syntax check fails.

The compiler stops upon the first error encountered. There is no way to list all the syntax errors in a module.

The compiler generates pseudo-code which is interpreted by Natural’s run-time environment. This p-code is proprietary, so Natural has no function to list it.

The only thing that could be called a compiler listing is the output of a LIST DIRECTORY (L DIR) command.

If-and-only-if the Natural Optimizer Compiler (NOC) is installed then:

  1. NOCOPT -> PGEN=ON -> PF5 (Update)
  2. STOW again the program of interest
  3. NOCSHOW to view the generated code.