Compilation problem on Multi-Build

I used the class in my code, but
when testing, Phoney does not find it.

I used it cause it is available on the project’s build path (through the
stubs libraries), but when I tried to build the app for android, I got
an exception
package does not exist
[javac] import;

Can i simply add the jsr238_1.0 to Phoney’s classpath to avoid this
problem? Or should I directly use a different class for formatting

Many thanks

Hi Javier,

JSR 238 isn’t one of our Phoney / CrossCompiler supported JSRs right
now. Please see here for the list we currently support:

If you happen to have a J2ME implementation of that JSR, you could
always add it to your project like any other Java code, but it’s not
supported out the box at the moment.