comparing document lists


could anyone of you please let me know how to compare variables in two document lists. the structure is as below.


my requirement is like to perform some transactions if sourcename and fieldvalue of both the docs are same.

Please let me know how to solve this.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Raj,
Initially u need to pull then in a loop then u can compare fields. under the loop u can mention a branch and sequence condition . Or you can use some of the java utilities of string compare.

flow is here

loop on first document
loop on second document
branch on ( with no condition & evaluate labels true)
sequence : doc1/sourcename == doc2/sourcename
sequence : doc1/fieldname == doc2/fieldname


Thanks for your reply.

Is it possible to compare the two values in same step, instead of having two sequence steps?

Thanks in advance


The problem solved.

Loop over doc1\list1
–loop over doc2\list2
— branch (evaluate lable set to true)
----(%doc1\list1\source%==%doc2\list2\source% && %doc1\list1\value%==%doc2\list2\value%):sequence