compare values of controls

I have a requirement to show remove row button in a result table only for the rows created by the logged-in user.

To achieve this, I need to compare username with row’s ‘created_by’ (hidden column). I got the logged-in username from userModel.principalID (from Data -> User/Role/Group -> User Model). Now how do I compare the values, and if they are same then render ‘remove row’ button?

The ‘Rendered’ property of the Remove Row Button control accepts an expression that needs to resolve to true or false. So you can use the comparison operators in the expression language to do simple logic to compare two values.

For your Reference:

For example, you can set the ‘Rendered’ property value to something like the following to only render the button when two values are equal:

#{row.createdBy eq YourPageBeanHere.currentUserID}