Compare TIBCOwebMethods60 and Seebeyond

Can anyone explain the differnece between TIBCO Active Enterprise, webMethods 6.0 Enterprise and Seebeyond e*gate Integrator Architecture?

As my knowledge TIBCO and Seebeyond are net-Centric Architecure and webMethods is a Hub and Spoke…But in Seebeyond the communication is like Hub and Spoke,all the events goes to Repository Host(Hub) and Registory Host(Spoke),without Repository host we cann’t communicate…

What is the main difference between wM 6.0 and wM 4.6?? Is there any Architectural change in wM 6.0 ??


Hi, Narendra.

You are asking two questions here so I will try to direct you to some answers for both.

There has been some discussion on this topic, but not specifically concerning webMethods 6. You can read about what other members had to say in the following thread:

Regarding architectural differences between v4.6 and v6.x, you can read some member thoughts in the following threads:

Hope this helps.