Compare 2 documents

Hello All,

I do have a requirement to find if there is any difference between 2 tables in different databases. Both these tables reside in two different databases. All the columns in Table 2 are present in Table 1, but Table 1 will have more columns comparitively to Table 2.

Some rows in Table 1 will be updated daily. I need to find out if these updates in Table 1 are related to Table 2 columns.

Any help is appreciated.


Sounds like a job for “DatabaseMan” !!


I would not recommend using webMethods Integration Server for this purpose. Yes, you could probably create something that would accomplish it, but it would not be the most efficient method and would be outside the “sweet spot” of the tool.

A decent DBA could suggest many other solutions to this task.


If you’re using Oracle, you can use the MINUS extended keyword in SQL to compare two tables.