Commet Client Connectivity In Universal Messaging

Hello All,

We are trying to use Javascript API to connect to UM realm and pulish messages to a queue. We have been successful in doing so by keeping the javascript code in the “javascript/lib” folder which contains the “nirvara.js” ( which is required to invoke the js methods used in our code) and also the File plugin base path was set to “/UniversalMessaging/javascript/lib” . This is working fine and we are able to publish a message to a UM channel.

However we want to host the javascript code on a remote webserver and want to establish connection with the UM realm hosted on my local system and publish a data to the UM channel. To achive this we wrote a javascript and placed it inside the web folder of a package in webMethods IS. When we invoked the js page and tried to connect to remote UM , we got a connection status message as “CONNECTING” . From this we can derive that it was able to identify the UM realm , but was not able to establish a connection and post a message to the UM channel.

Any help on this would be appreciated.

Thanks and Regards
Abir Banerjee