Command Line Execution Problem

I am trying to execute the following commands on the command line through webmethods, but they do not work.

path = c:\Program Files\winzip

This doesn’t seem to work. Please help !!

You can use something like the following:

Process p = null;
        p = r.exec("net send XXX hallo");
	catch (Exception e) 

It doesn’t work for things like e.g. rename of a file, it can kick off a .bat file, although execution thereof is touch and go. It is Java related, not specific to webMethods (believe me, I tried it)

You can try to get hold of the Executer adapter (no technical support from webMethods as they don’t own the adapter)

Hope this helps


I believe that WinZip requires an add-on for command line execution, so check out for more details. You could of course use Java instead (



Winzip definitely requires add-ons for command line execution, but it works rather well.


Hello All,

I am also try to get a solution for similar kind of problem. If any one got a solution for this problem please post it.

However i would like to know more about the"Executer adapter" solution some posted here